Nobile Glass and Giftware

Nobile Glass and Giftware design and produce beautiful, quirky and original designs in glass to brighten up your homes.

Noted particularly for their Hand Made fused glass animals, flowers and other designs are timeless and universally popular.

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Nobile Glass and Giftware has a range of stemware using mosaic and leaf which is  very desirable. The mouth blown birth gems, friendship hearts and balls make excellent little gifts. Designers from all over Europe combine with Polish expertise with glass make for a wonderful combination. Each piece is Individually Handmade using the Traditional Art of Fusing Glass, in some of the larger items there can be over twenty hand cut elements of glass that are then carefully placed together along with coloured glass pigments and granules that will lead to its final design. This complex method of layering and combining glass followed by Kiln Fusing at up to 816°C (1501°F) creates a distinctive and original style with each piece being unique. Glass making is truly a captivating craft and we do hope you enjoy our pieces as much as we have enjoyed creating them. Inspired by our Italian Polish designer Graziella Cavalli and created by our Master Glass Blowing Craftsman exclusively for Nobile Glassware.


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